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Annotated Bibliographies and Literature Reviews


An example using MLA formatting:

Notice that it begins with a formatted citation in the MLA formatting, followed by a few short paragraphs describing and critiquing the chapter.

"Fulton, Crystal. “Chatman’s Life in the Round.” In Theories of Information Behavior, ed. Karen E. Fisher, Sanda Erdelez, and Lynne (E.F.) McKechnie. Medford New Jersey: Information Today Inc., 2015. 79-82.

The author looks at Elfreda C
hatman’s “life in the round” theory which explores the rules that govern small worlds. These rules are rarely written or discussed, but maintain group harmony. This is a sociological view of information seeking.

What makes these groups tick? These include social norms, worldview, and the social types- or roles played by each individual. How do the social norms of the group mesh with those of society as a whole? Do they conflict? Individuals can serve in stereotypical roles within the group, and fill roles as directed by leaders.


This article summarizes the theory of “life in the round.” It is one academic summarizing the work of another, and while this adds to the conversation of scholarship, what is the author’s opinion on the theory? Previous articles written by the author show that she is a great admirer of Chatman’s work, so how did it impact her own research in the field?”