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Types of Plagiarism

Cheating: Turning in work that is not your own, copying answers, acquiring advance copies of exams, using materials that are not permitted, etc. This includes using a website or app to solve problems for you and then presenting the answers or work as your own.

Plagiarism: Inappropriate source use such as poor paraphrasing, incorrect citations, and unattributed source use. All language from sources must be in quotation marks and all ideas taken from sources should be cited.

Repurposing: Submitting work from another class or institution and without instructor consent.

Imitation/Proxy: Having someone else represent you for the purpose of doing your work.

Falsification/Fabrication: Falsely attributing ideas or language to a source. This includes falsifying data in a lab.

Enabling Dishonesty: Knowingly allowing another student to submit or copy from your own work.