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Surgical Technology

How to use OneSearch to find articles

You can use OneSearch on the library's homepage to make finding appropriate articles easier. When searching using OneSearch, you will only enter keywords or the key concepts you want searched.

For example, if you were searching for an article about issues of professionalism in your field, you'll type: surgical technologists AND professionalism.

You may want to brainstorm to come up with related terms, such as healthcare workers, so that if you don't find a relevant article on your first search, you'll have options to use other words. You may also want to use the jargon related with your field for even more relevant information.

Use the tools on the left side of the page to limit, or refine your results.

When you see a title of an article you think will be helpful, just click that title. This will bring you into the article record, which will contain an abstract, or short description of the article, that you can read to help you determine if you want to read the entire article. 

To view the full text, just look at the upper left of your screen for PDF Full Text, HTML Full Text, or PSC Full Text Finder

OneSearch result that highlights clicking the title of the article


Article record with arrow pointing to Full Text Finder