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Use this guide if you're interested in eduation or are enrolled in an education program.

Search Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a search engine you can use to find scholarly articles on the Internet. Some are available only in abstract (summary) form, others in full-text.

Google Scholar Search

Using Websites

When using the internet as a research tool, it is important to use only reliable, unbiased websites.  How can you tell if a website is appropriate?  First, identify the author and find the author's credentials.  If you cannot tell who authored a site, that is a good indication the site is unreliable.  Second, make sure the site isn't trying to sell you something, or promote a specific agenda. For example, if you're searching for health information regarding milk, an organization dedicated to selling milk isn't your best option.  Finally, pay attention to the content.  Does the author back up their arguments with appropriate research? Do they cite other articles?

Tip: Government sites (.gov) are a good place to start for reliable statistics and other information.