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Google's Limitations

Starting your research with Google or another search engine is a good idea because it allows you to see how your topic is being discussed. Google may also provide you with a direct link to a Wikipedia article, which may give you both background information and a reference list that can be used for your research. 

However, Google does have limitations when you are conducting academic research. Such as: 

  • Google sometimes returns millions of results, which can be overwhelming
  • Many of the scholarly articles you may find will have a cost (paywall) that you will need to pay before you view the article
  • There are no ways to limit/filter your results

Also, how often do you go to the second page of Google results? 

After you look through your Google results, you may want to consider using the library's website and our OneSearch.


OneSearch searches everything the Library owns, including many of our subscription databases. Your results will be a mix of books, articles, and more. Many of the results will be scholarly and peer-reviewed sources. 

With OneSearch:

  • Search everything the library owns, including many of our research databases
  • Have access to many of subscriptions, for free (no paywalls)
  • Filter/limit your results
  • Requests books or articles the library does not own
  • Use other useful built-in tools, such as emailing yourself a link to a book or article