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Communication 101: Introduction to Research

Using Google for Academic Research

When using Google, remember you will have to critically evaluate every site, article, or video you find and want to use for your assignment. Usually it is easier just to tell Google exactly what you are looking for using Google Operators. Use the tips in the video below to help you find more authoritative and credible information using Google.

From Common Sense Education

Google Search Operators

Did you know most of the search techniques listed in the other tabs are also available to Google? Google has many different advanced search techniques you may not be aware of. Below are a few you may find helpful.

Google Search Operators
Common Searches How to use Example
Search social media Put a @ in front of a work to search social media @twitter:info lit
Search for a price Put a in front a number textbook $20
Search hashtags  Put a # in front of a word #collegestudents
Exclude words from your search Put a - in front of a word tigers -LSU
Search for an exact match Put a word/phrase in quotation marks "prairie state college"
Combine searches Use OR in between the words/phrases community OR technical college
Search for a specific site Put site: in front of the search tuition semester
Define a word Put define: in front of the word define:pedagogy
How to pronounce a word Put pronounce: in front of the word pronounce:cat