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ICCB Program Review

Keys to Success

  • Keep responses clear and concise

  • Ensure action steps are appropriate and sufficient based on the findings

  • Use disaggregated cohort data

ICCB Program Review

The Illinois Community College Board (ICCB) coordinates a statewide system for the review of instructional programs. The Program Review Manuals, FY2017-2021, and the newly released FY2022-2026, provide guidelines and describe reporting methods for statewide review of instructional programs by community colleges.

The Statewide Program Review System recognizes that individual colleges have the primary responsibility to evaluate instructional programs, to make decisions about improvement and continuation, assure that program review results are considered in campus planning and budget development, and to report results to the Illinois Community College Board.

The purpose of Statewide Program Review is to:

  1. support strategic campus-level planning and decision-making related to instructional programming and academic support services, including but not limited to program revisions, program closures, and revisions to services;

  2. address inequities to support program improvement;

  3. support the delivery of locally responsive, cost-effective, high quality programs and services across Illinois’ community college system.

ICCB Academic Affairs Program Review